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Our Partners

  • Safeline
  • HI-Speed
  • Teledyne Energetics
  • CMI
  • AcmaVolpak
  • fuji

Our Partner Manufacturers provide the best State-of-the-Art packaging, automation, metal detection, checkweighing and x-ray equipment in the nation. Southeastern Packaging Equipment Sales is proud to represent these manufactures in the following states: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virgina. For a Representative in your state please see our REP Locator Map.

Our Product Line

Metal Detection

Metal detection is the first line of defense to identify the presence of foreign contaminants in food products before they have the chance to leave the processing plant. For food quality professionals, process engineers and corporate food safety executives who decide which technology will best protect them from contaminants, choosing a detection system is our speciality. (More...)


X-Ray Inspection

X-ray technology generally improves contaminant detection beyond the capability of metal detectors. Often times the foreign material in question could be packaged in a metalized packaging material or be non-metallic in nature like bone in sausage and meat products or rocks and stones in agricultural products.. (More...)


Check Weighing

Check Weighers are systems that weigh items in motion as they pass through a production line, classifies the items by preset weight zones and sorts or rejects the items based on their classification. Check weighers weigh 100% of the items on a production line and provide 100% overview of production data such as production counts, batch tracking, total weights, good weights and rejected weights. (More...)


Vision\Leak\Fill Level Detection

These systems enable manufacturers to test, analyze, pass or reject cans, jars, bottles, and other containers for various types of defects - all in a fraction of a second. They are used for the inspection of seal integrity, leak detection, fill level, fill height, dud detection, and vacuum and pressure levels. Systems are used on packages made of glass, metal or plastic. (More...)

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For product automation and packaging equipment in the Southeastern United States.

Our Mission is your solution

SEPKG offers a wide range of reliable solutions to your automated packaging equipment and product inspection equipment needs.
Southeastern Packaging Equipment Sales helps our manufacturer partners expand their product lines in the southeastern USA to companies that want to increase their business production lines with top of the line automated machinery such as check weighers, metal detection, vision inspection, and x-ray systems.
WE Represent only the top manufacturers
The Manufacturers Southeastern Packaging Equipment Sales represents are the best in their field with respect to automated machinery for the food processing, packaging, Pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors. They are Mettler Toledo Safeline, Mettler Toledo Hi-Speed Checkweighing, Teledyne Taptone, Effytec and Fuji Robotics.
OFFERING Top Quality Representative Services
With over eighty years of combined packaging equipment sales experience, our sales representatives can provide you with innovative solutions for your primary and end of line packaging equipment requirements along with the most complete portfolio of product inspection solutions in the industry.